Friday, 1 May 2015

Sissy Training With Real Cock and Real Cum

Look at his cock..
Its not to big..
BUT its NICE and FAT

lots of girth to make sure it ruins your sissy clitty while never reaching as deep as you'll soon yearn for it to as you press back balls to balls wanting more   hahahah.
Thats it sissy.. lick your lips...

Ooo honey his balls are sooo tight
i bet hes got a weeks worth of cum here for you
question is..

Just where do you want him to cum?

Well i think his first load should be shot deep into your throat, yes honey i think his first load you should taste and savor
Only then should you reall get to feel it inside you... Why you ask???

Well.. clearly the way i have teased him, he's not going to last long, in fact i think the moment he enters your warm wet eager sissy mouth he's going to explode instantly... shooting wads and wads of cum in the back of your throat..

And then when he does fk you.. its going to last sooo much longer, men always fuck for longer 2nd time around.

what honey is that cruel?  mm i feel him throbbing get your mouth closer!!!!

Beg Her For It